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How to Avoid Scam on Thai VietJet Booking

Let’s talk about Thai Vietjet booking. Have you ever felt that hopeless that you cannot fly any other airline other than an LCC, which is totally frowned upon by many? No land routes available often leaves you with no option other than getting that LCC – simply and colloquially known as cheap-priced airline – to fly you to the destination place. That is what probably many people are facing when they perform booking and fly with VietJet Air.

VietJet Air, just like its name implies, is a Vietnamese airline which, unlike the rest, is earlier owned by individuals. They are Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao and Nguyen Thanh Ha, two of which are billionaire women from Vietnam. It sounds promising, but thanks to people’s reviews, you may start to ponder: is it that bad to get Thai VietJet booking? For your information, Thai VietJet is VietJet’s subsidiary which mostly flies for routes inside Thailand. Although there are flights from and to cities in Vietnam and India, the flight is in minimum number or is seasonal.

Tricks to Dodge Yourself from Thai VietJet Booking Scam

Well, instead of talking how people get scammed by baggage charge (which they admit that they don’t even put their stuff there) followed by awful passenger care representatives, why don’t we just talk about how to avoid scam on Thai VietJet booking? Knowing these tricks to get your backpacking plan goes smooth is crucial, unless you want to deal with ‘emotional training’ that may provoke you.

  1. Research, if done, repeat

It may bore you to the bottom of your heart, but there is nothing more powerful as equipping yourself with a bunch of information about the flight that you’re planning for. In this case, it is a flight that you’re purchasing with that Thai VietJet booking.

Make sure you know what you’ll get for that charged amount of money. Then, compare it from what many people are experiencing. Are these people getting what they deserve? If not, make sure to be prepared with more cash, just in case.


  1. Bring less luggage

Commonly, people who travel with Thai VietJet face problem regarding to luggage cost. Some others may deal with getting charged for their carry-on luggage. This may be annoying, but there is nothing you can do if Thai VietJet is the only airline that you can rely on.


To avoid similar occurrence, it’s safer to bring less luggage. Not only you can save bucks after bucks for getting charged unwantedly, bringing only brought-to-cabin luggage ensures you that the stuff is on the safe hand. Remember, you’ll still have to comply with the maximum weight of cabin luggage.


  1. Book your flights on trusted place

It’s a sure thing that you won’t love it if your traveling memories got flawed by unsuccessful flight booking. Therefore, it’s advised to book your flights only from trusted partners. If possible, go to the airport and see whether you can order a flight ticket there.

Of course, this may be ineffective for some – given that some people fly for urgent biz or other purposes. However, it’s great to help you avoid unsuccessful flight booking that result in double ticket purchasing.

If you want to book flight ticket on trusted place easily, buy here.


  1. Be prepared for the worst: delayed or cancelled flights

Travelling with LCCs, especially the newly-operated ones may be a bit risky. It is true that some LCC airlines are great enough to deal with schedule uncertainties, but who knows the bad luck is on your flight number? It’s still understandable if the flight is postponed or void with a valid reasoning, what if it is a lame reason?


Well, cool yourself. Given that you’re on LCC flights, it’s best to become a flexible passenger. Meaning that it’s better to be prepared to take another flight, or even other transportation modes (if possible and you have time for it).


  1. Find another ‘tunnel’ that may connect you to the destination city.

As earlier mentioned, you should have prepared for the worst. People’s reviews for Thai VietJet booking service may still low in terms of flight cancellation, yet it has ‘delayed’ histories in it.

If you’re in such hurry and the customer service’s answer serves you facepalm, get prepared to leave the ad lib problem, at least for now. Fleeing may risk you to lose a flight ticket, but better reach the spot quickly other than dealing with uncertainties, right? That is why knowing another channel to link yourself to the destination city is important.

  1. Know how to claim your rights

Understanding where to go for ask for your ‘rights’ (refund, lost baggage, etc.) is crucial especially if the airline that you’re using is famous for its negative side. Save the customer service number. So, whenever you have unpleasant flight experience, you can place a complaint. You can as well learn the procedure of dealing with common flight-related problems.

To sum it up, knowing how to avoid scam when doing Thai VietJet booking is essential. Knowing these six methods to avoid scam will help you not only to avoid, but also to face unexpected experience in a better way.

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Sydney Zoo Temporarily Closed Due to Dead Chimpanzee

Following the passing of a chimpanzee, Sydney Zoo, Australia was briefly shut. It was accomplished for examination.

The creature, named Mogli and a 10-year-old, was discovered dead in a trench. The chimpanzee was then enveloped by a covering and shipped close to the zoo’s office in Sydney’s west as a horde of individuals lined external the zoo entrance, revealed from Travel Weekly, Monday (12/4/2021).

Gossipy tidbits about the creature immediately spread through the holding up swarm.

‘We don’t think about the chimpanzee. That is the reason the children are here. How would you be able to respond? I don’t have the foggiest idea how to advise them,” said Vu Nguien, who was holding on to visit the zoo.

Sydney Zoo’s consideration supervisor Lisa Christie, told the public telecaster that the zoo was presently exploring the conditions encompassing Mogli’s passing and affirmed that reports of the got away from creature were bogus. “The group is in a condition of profound stun and melancholy,” he said.

Sydney Zoo posted on its Facebook page the information on the creature’s demise, adding that CCTV film didn’t give lucidity. “The specific reason for death is yet to be finished up, and a posthumous will be played out,” the transfer said.

Sydney Zoo additionally professed to have lost Mogli, who is thought to have become a relative. Mogli will be recognized as a sharp yellow-peered toward creature and a naughty grin, particularly with his daring soul.

“This is a pitiful day for everybody and during conditions such as this, the zoo’s attention is in supporting the whole group,” the transfer said,

Ben Pearson, head of missions at World Animal Protection, says that wild creatures like Mogli merit natural life. All things considered, this is the awful finish of life in merciless imprisonment.

“While the unpredictable requirements of wild creatures, for example, chimpanzees can’t be met in bondage, zoos have a commitment to creatures in their consideration, and should guarantee their wellbeing. Passings ought to be researched with the goal that no other wild creatures at Sydney Zoo endure a similar destiny,” he said.

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5 Sports Arenas On The Planet Have Novel Modern Design. Esthetic!

The fascinating thing when contrasting the games Stadium of a nation with different nations is when taking a gander at the design of the structures extraordinary as well as tasteful and exceptional truly! As the nation contends to fabricate a cutting edge arena, they remember to build up the old arena to perform progressively commendable and present day as well! From the numerous arenas in every nation, the 5 games arenas on the planet have an extremely tasteful design. You will have an arena with a kayak Gini NIH sport.

1. Oita Bank Dome, Oita, Japan

Oita Bank Dome, Oita, Japan
Oita Bank Dome, Oita, Japan

A FIFA World Cup scene in 2002, the arena is known as a tasteful arena. Named the “Huge Eye”, the arena, planned by the Japanese planner Kisho Kurokawa, has a rooftop that can be opened and shut by the circumstance in the territory and the shape stands apart like a huge measured eye. Not a couple additionally state the comparability between the arena structure with the UFO. As anyone might expect, this arena was granted The Best Stadion on the Planet in 2001.

2. Națională Arena, Bucharest, Romania

Națională Arena, Bucharest, Romania
Națională Arena, Bucharest, Romania

Națională Arena is the central station of the Romanian mammoth club FC Steaua Bucaresti and FC Dinamo Bucaresti. Structured by Gerkan Architect, Marq and Partners in 2011 This enormous arena could oblige 55,700 onlookers.

10 Fun Backpacker Tips To Hong Kong

3. Beijing National Stadium, Beijing, China

Beijing National Stadium, Beijing, China
Beijing National Stadium, Beijing, China

Known as a flying creature’s Nest arena, the arena that has been effectively utilized for the Summer Olympics in Beijing has a tasteful and remarkable structure. The outside of the arena comprises of steel gratings intended to frame a winged animal’s home. Pantesan Aja Stadium is likewise included as one of the most lovely arenas on the planet.

4. Allianz Stadium, Munich, Germany

Allianz Stadium, Munich, Germany
Allianz Stadium, Munich, Germany

The Allianz Arena is the base camp of Munich’s Bayern German world class group. Planned by Herzog and de Meuron, Arup, the Allianz Arena is ruled by clear red hues on the dividers of the arena that began from the stuck lights. The arena is equipped for obliging 71,000 observers!

5. Arena at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, England

Arena at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, England
Arena at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, England

The arena was referred to as Olympic Stadium as Olympic and Paralympics were held in this spot in 2012. With a limit of 80,000 observers, the arena, molded like the Queen’s Crown, has its own appeal that stands out. From the stature, this arena looks incredibly delightful. Of course he entered the selection of ‘ Prestigious RIBA Stirling Prize for Architecture ‘ in 2012.

Of these five arenas, they have their very own unmistakable characteristics that are indivisible. Cool here Pantesan Aja Enter as the 5 best arenas of the world.

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10 Fun Backpacker Tips To Hong Kong

Who wouldn’t be enticed to go to Hong Kong? This one nation is regularly professed to be Asia’s Hollywood. The explanation, notwithstanding being loaded up with numerous brilliant high rises, Hong Kong is additionally the nation that brought forth a considerable lot of the world’s top big names, for example, Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Donnie Yen, Bruce Lee, Stephen Chow, Chow Yun Fat, Karen Mok, and Cecilia Cheung.

It is safe to say that you are likewise keen on visiting Hong Kong? It’s no issue, since you can have a hiker style excursion to Hong Kong. Things being what they are, what are a portion of the fundamentals that explorer should think about venturing out to Hong Kong? We should see the tips from the accompanying expenses.

Get Cheap Tickets

On the off chance that you need to have an explorer style outing to Hong Kong, at that point you need to locate a modest flight ticket. Least expensive cost for flight tickets Jakarta – Hong Kong full circle is Rp 2.2 million. On the off chance that you can get the ticket at a modest value, at that point you just need to pay around Rp 1.3 million for flight tickets Jakarta – Hong Kong full circle.

The prerequisite to get modest flight passes to Hong Kong is to be industrious chasing on the web or disconnected, at that point pick the day of takeoff on weekdays (not the red date).

No compelling reason to try to take Visa

10 Fun Backpacker Tips To Hong Kong
10 Fun Backpacker Tips To Hong Kong

Uplifting news for the individuals who need to go to Hong Kong. Since right now you don’t need to try to deal with Visa. Hong Kong frees Indonesian Citizen (WNI) who needs to go from Visa.

We have a multi day get-away in Hong Kong. Be that as it may, as a hiker you just take 5-7 days to remain in Hong Kong. This arrangement unquestionably causes us to inhale alleviation since it doesn’t need to go through a few hundred thousand rupiah cash to deal with Visa.

Gorgeous modest inns

On the off chance that in Malaysia you can get a room in a 3-star inn with a pace of Rp 300,000 – 400,000 every night, you can’t get a comparative lodging in Hong Kong. Since the average cost for basic items in this nation is higher than the nations in southeast Asia.

With the cash of Rp 300,000 you can in any case get convenience, however not inns yet rather lodgings, hotels, or home remain. In any case, for explorer it ought to be not an issue. Since you can at present rest and rest, correct?

Strolling with open vehicle

There are various open transportation that you can utilize when you’re hiker to Hong Kong. In the event that you need quick and not ribet transportation, you can take the MTR (Mass Transit Railway). Try not to be misdifferentiated, in light of the fact that in Hong Kong it is MTR, not a MRT like in Singapore.

What’s more, there are other modest transportation benefits that you can use to advance toward Hong Kong without a visit, which is a transport. The majority of the transports in Hong Kong are a kind of twofold decker transport or all the more usually known as twin.

Take a gander at the nourishment you pick

This one applies to the Muslim explorers. While doing explorer to Hong Kong, you should be increasingly mindful in picking the nourishment to expend. The same number of nourishments in Hong Kong are non-halal.

Try not to be embarrassed to ask the dealer or get some answers concerning the halal nourishment place ahead of time. One of the halal nourishment puts in Hong Kong is the Center Canteen in the Ammar Mosque territory.

Visit Hong Kong’s free touring spots

Who said for a stroll in Hong Kong you need to spend a great deal of assets. There are numerous vacation destinations in Hong Kong that can be visited for nothing otherwise known as no compelling reason to pay affirmation.

For instance, you can visit the Avenue of The Stars which is an imitation of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In this spot, you can see impressions from top VIPs, for example, Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee.

Likewise, there is the Hong Kong Racing Museum that tells the historical backdrop of pony hustling in Hong Kong. Not just that, in Hong Kong There are likewise two well known sea shores that you can visit, specifically Golden Beach and Repulse Bay.

Stopover in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a city in the RRT that is normally visited after an outing in Hong Kong. Landing in Shenzhen, you just need to deal with Visa on Arrival as it were. To get to Shenzhen, you can take the MTR from Hong Kong.

Landing in Shenzhen, visit the renowned vacation spots there, for example, Sea World, Shenzhen’s Windows of The World, China Folk Culture Village, and Kingkey 100, Shenzhen’s tallest pinnacle. On the off chance that vital, you can remain medium-term in Shenzhen and proceed with the adventure on the following day.

Enjoyment in Macau

After a stopover in Shenzhen, it’s a great opportunity to proceed with your adventure to Macao. To be sure, Macao is a little territory situated on the southern shoreline of China. Be that as it may, Macao stays an exceptionally astounding spot and a pity to be missed, Macao is a charming heaven of stimulation. Along these lines, it feels less afdol on the off chance that you are to Hong Kong without visiting this exceptionally notorious goal like Macau.

There are various spots in Macao that are frequented by sightseers and explorers from Indonesia, for example, remains of St. Paul’s Cathedral, AJ Hackett Macau Tower, The Venetian Macau and Grand Prix Museum. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to set aside cash, you can visit various vacation spots in Macao which are liberated from confirmation.

Introduce Dictionary on Smartphone

Much the same as in Thailand, the Hong Kong people group is additionally less English-talking. Along these lines, it doesn’t hurt in the event that you introduce a word reference on your cell phone to make it simpler to speak with the network. This is very compelling contrasted with utilizing gesture based communication.

Prudent shopping when in Hong Kong

It appears to be very difficult to have the option to shop monetarily when we are in Hong Kong. The nation is celebrated as one of the most costly shopping spots on the planet.

In any case, there are still some modest shopping the travel industry territories that sell an assortment of products that can be utilized as trinkets, call it Tung Choi Street situated in Mongkok, Jardine’s Bazaar situated in Causeway Bay, and Lee Garden Road.

Indeed, that is the tips and things you have to focus on when you need to have a hiker style outing to Hong Kong. When purchasing products in Hong Kong, we suggest the nature of the merchandise once more. Since not all merchandise sold there have the best quality and solid.