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How to Avoid Scam on Thai VietJet Booking

Let’s talk about Thai Vietjet booking. Have you ever felt that hopeless that you cannot fly any other airline other than an LCC, which is totally frowned upon by many? No land routes available often leaves you with no option other than getting that LCC – simply and colloquially known as cheap-priced airline – to fly you to the destination place. That is what probably many people are facing when they perform booking and fly with VietJet Air.

VietJet Air, just like its name implies, is a Vietnamese airline which, unlike the rest, is earlier owned by individuals. They are Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao and Nguyen Thanh Ha, two of which are billionaire women from Vietnam. It sounds promising, but thanks to people’s reviews, you may start to ponder: is it that bad to get Thai VietJet booking? For your information, Thai VietJet is VietJet’s subsidiary which mostly flies for routes inside Thailand. Although there are flights from and to cities in Vietnam and India, the flight is in minimum number or is seasonal.

Tricks to Dodge Yourself from Thai VietJet Booking Scam

Well, instead of talking how people get scammed by baggage charge (which they admit that they don’t even put their stuff there) followed by awful passenger care representatives, why don’t we just talk about how to avoid scam on Thai VietJet booking? Knowing these tricks to get your backpacking plan goes smooth is crucial, unless you want to deal with ‘emotional training’ that may provoke you.

  1. Research, if done, repeat

It may bore you to the bottom of your heart, but there is nothing more powerful as equipping yourself with a bunch of information about the flight that you’re planning for. In this case, it is a flight that you’re purchasing with that Thai VietJet booking.

Make sure you know what you’ll get for that charged amount of money. Then, compare it from what many people are experiencing. Are these people getting what they deserve? If not, make sure to be prepared with more cash, just in case.


  1. Bring less luggage

Commonly, people who travel with Thai VietJet face problem regarding to luggage cost. Some others may deal with getting charged for their carry-on luggage. This may be annoying, but there is nothing you can do if Thai VietJet is the only airline that you can rely on.


To avoid similar occurrence, it’s safer to bring less luggage. Not only you can save bucks after bucks for getting charged unwantedly, bringing only brought-to-cabin luggage ensures you that the stuff is on the safe hand. Remember, you’ll still have to comply with the maximum weight of cabin luggage.


  1. Book your flights on trusted place

It’s a sure thing that you won’t love it if your traveling memories got flawed by unsuccessful flight booking. Therefore, it’s advised to book your flights only from trusted partners. If possible, go to the airport and see whether you can order a flight ticket there.

Of course, this may be ineffective for some – given that some people fly for urgent biz or other purposes. However, it’s great to help you avoid unsuccessful flight booking that result in double ticket purchasing.

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  1. Be prepared for the worst: delayed or cancelled flights

Travelling with LCCs, especially the newly-operated ones may be a bit risky. It is true that some LCC airlines are great enough to deal with schedule uncertainties, but who knows the bad luck is on your flight number? It’s still understandable if the flight is postponed or void with a valid reasoning, what if it is a lame reason?


Well, cool yourself. Given that you’re on LCC flights, it’s best to become a flexible passenger. Meaning that it’s better to be prepared to take another flight, or even other transportation modes (if possible and you have time for it).


  1. Find another ‘tunnel’ that may connect you to the destination city.

As earlier mentioned, you should have prepared for the worst. People’s reviews for Thai VietJet booking service may still low in terms of flight cancellation, yet it has ‘delayed’ histories in it.

If you’re in such hurry and the customer service’s answer serves you facepalm, get prepared to leave the ad lib problem, at least for now. Fleeing may risk you to lose a flight ticket, but better reach the spot quickly other than dealing with uncertainties, right? That is why knowing another channel to link yourself to the destination city is important.

  1. Know how to claim your rights

Understanding where to go for ask for your ‘rights’ (refund, lost baggage, etc.) is crucial especially if the airline that you’re using is famous for its negative side. Save the customer service number. So, whenever you have unpleasant flight experience, you can place a complaint. You can as well learn the procedure of dealing with common flight-related problems.

To sum it up, knowing how to avoid scam when doing Thai VietJet booking is essential. Knowing these six methods to avoid scam will help you not only to avoid, but also to face unexpected experience in a better way.